Personal Trainer Auckland, Chris Scott Personal Trainer

Offering a variety of training programs: fat loss, building lean muscle, improving fitness conditioning or giving your body a health overhaul - getting you back to the person you were. Plan a fitness lifestyle that's going to be sustainable, and get you results 

Located in the heart of Auckland central CBD. We have a full kit of Precor cardio machines, dumbells, barbells, squat racks, medicine balls, battle ropes, TRX suspension training & much more - all provided in a non-intimidating friendly space. We offer the perfect environment for those that want to focus only on results. 

Whatever your goals we have the equipment to strengthen, shape and improve your body.

I believe the benefits of leading a physically active lifestyle can benefit everybody regardless of body shape, size, profession or sporting backgound. I have a passion and enthusasim for helping people reach their own physical fitness goals, whilst at the same time reaping the psychological rewards we achieve when we better ourselves via hard work, sweat and dedication. Everybody has a different set of motivators within that possesses them to make a change and improve, whether this be to look better, feel better or to simply become healthy again. As your personal trainer I will guide, motivate and make you accountable to regular qulaity exercise.


Girl Doing Push-Ups

A full-focus program dedicated towards burning body fat, building strength and adding lean muscle. Apart from the visual benefits you achieve, you'll also develop a new outlook on healthy eating, exercise and a new understanding of what you're physically capable of. If you're serious about results the 8 week transformation is for you


By having a personal trainer custom-build a fitness approach that caters to your individual goals, your shedule and your lifestyle habits will give you your best chance of success. It doesn't matter whether you start at a rock-bottom level of fitness capabilities or you begin further along the scale. With you own individualised training program I guarantee you'll benefit from dedicated one-to-one training.