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Body Weight Training Program

4 Week 

Stuck in lockdown or do you just prefer to exercise at home?

  • Improve fitness

  • Increase upper body & lower body strength

  • Reduce body fat

  • Improve your all round health to help reduce stress, feel healthier & enjoy better quality sleep

  • Re-establish your exercise focus or add some variety to your current exercise routine

  • Give yourself an exercise purpose and work towards a 4 week target



  • A 4 week routine of structured exercise

  • Program includes 15 x video interval training sessions (HIIT based)

  • Keep focused by performing a brand new interval routine each and every week

  • Exact program guidelines and your training schedule will be provided on enrolment (you will have access to the 'members page' where you can keep to your program, watch and stream your video sessions)

  • Interval routines are 30 minutes each (40 minutes inc warm up & cool down)

  • The program is designed to begin on a Monday (you set the start date in advance at time on enrolment)

  • All sessions are body weight resistance (you just need a mat & some floor space)

Whether you're looking to improve your fitness, get stronger and/or reduce some body fat then holding yourself accountable to my 4 week body weight training program will challenge you, create a reset and recreate a habit of regular physical exercise. The sessions are all designed to be full body - challenging both your upper and lower body to work simultaneously so that you can build a complete balance of full-body strength. 

All sessions are video based where you simply 'push play' and follow along to the workout in time with me. Play on your device and workout in the garden or stream to your TV and exercise in your lounge. There are 15 video sessions programmed over the 4 weeks with the aim of completing a video session every 2nd day. Each week you will have a new routine to follow as you are challenged with new exercises and combinations that keep you focused and on a 4 week progression towards your fitness goals. Sessions start off being 'achievable for most' on week 1, up to being 'challenging for most' by week 4. The program is based on 3-4 weekly video training sessions plus some other lighter/moderate weekly sessions. Upon enrolling you will have access to detailed information on how to follow the program along with some general advice on health, fitness and tips on diet.

If you have any questions or are in doubt if the 4 week Body Weight Program is for you then just send me a message using the enquiry form and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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  • Great Value

    Body Weight Training

    Stuck in lockdown or just prefer to exercise at home?
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • Follow a 4 week body weight fitness training program
    • Includes 15 sessions of progressive online exercise videos
    • Burn body fat & increase your fitness...all from home
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