I first developed a passion for health and fitness in my early team sports days at school - particularly in rugby, cricket and running. I started up in the personal training industry for one reason; to provide one of the most effective and results focused personal training models around. The habit of regular exercise and physical fitness has been a key part of my weekly routine and of who I am today. 


I believe the benefits of leading a physically active lifestyle can benefit everybody regardless of body shape, size, profession or sporting background. I have a passion and enthusiasm for helping people reach their own physical fitness goals, while at the same time reaping the psychological rewards we achieve when we better ourselves via hard work, sweat and dedication. Everybody has a different set of motivators within that possesses them to make a change and to improve, whether this be to look better, feel better or simply to become healthy again. As your personal trainer I will guide, motivate and make you accountable to regular quality exercise. 


I have been involved with the health and fitness industry since 1999. I graduated from Auckland's AUT university with a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation, developing a wide knowledge of exercise and nutrition principles effective for physical conditioning. In 2003 I spent four years in the UK as a Personal Trainer working out of a busy Fitness First gym in central London. Since returning to New Zealand in 2007 I operated my Personal Training business near Auckland's Britomart district at Lifestyle Fitness studio. Recently at the beginning of 2019 I relocated my Personal Training to Anytime Fitness on Wyndham Street. I have accumulated many years of formal and informal training experience, learning from hundreds of hours in the gym and developing first-hand experience of what works and what doesn't.