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My Fitness Pal

I highly recommend using the My Fitness Pal app as a way of tracking your food intake and calories If fat loss is your goal then you must understand how many calories your body needs to stimulate fat loss. Using My Fitness Pal is easy, because after you’ve entered in your age, sex, fitness goals and exercise intensity it comes up with an accurate calorie target - all based on you and your goals. As you go about your day you simply enter in what you’ve eaten and the serving size, from this the app calculates your calorie consumption and gives you an instant account of how many calories you’ve got remaining for the day. The database of foods is very in-depth and you’ll struggle to find a food that’s not on the list.


Apart from counting calories you also have the option to record your daily exercise and energy expenditure. The app has many other great features including healthy food recipes, articles and an abundance of fitness information. It’s available as a smart phone app as a free download, otherwise you can use the web-based application. If fat loss is a priority for you then you can’t go without an accurate measure of your food intake. I use My Fitness Pal myself and I recommend it every day to my clients.