My training philosophy is that if you want to feel better, look better or simply just to lead a longer life then you have to invest time into yourself. There is yet no magic pill that we can take that makes us Superman, makes us invinsible and makes us live forever. To achieve anything in life we must work hard, and this is no more true when applied to physical exercise. As a person, the way you look and the way you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror is a direct reprensentation of your attitude towards eating healthy and exercising regularly. From a holistic point of view, regular physical exercise must form an everyday component of our lives. Exercise makes us more positive about the body we are in, decreases stress levels, helps us to sleep better, slows down the aging process and prevents illness - all to name a few. Unlike most things on this planet we can't go out and buy a new body or a flat stomach - we need to get off the couch and move our body to achieve this. I live by the adage 'if you do what you've always done you'll get what you've always got'. 


My style of training is tailored to you and the fitness goals you have. I will strive to get you into the body that you want. I will act as your motivator, educator and task master. By being accountable to a personal trainer who will make you commit to regular quality exercise will give you your best chance of success. Usually all best intentions to exercise by yourself falls apart when 'work gets busy', we lose focus on our goals or we develop another excuse not to. The real benefits of leading a physically active lifestyle can be achieved when we stick to a program and make a regular habit.


My style of training is to provide a balanced, individual and enjoyable training habit - a training habit that gets results. I'm not into 'fad' diets or lose 10kg in 4 week routines via methods of starvation or with extreme exercise. Routines like this simply can't be maintained long term and more often than not your back where you started not long after. The type of training I encourage is to build the body stronger as a whole and to not always focus on the individual parts. What good is being fit and healthy on the outside, if internally your lower back is worn-out due to improper technique or neglecting a balance to your routine.


I have a passion for training clients who are serious about making changes in their health, fitness and physical appearance. My aim is to make you sweat and to feel the benefits of following a balanced and honest exercise program that really will make significant changes.