Initial Consultation and Fitness Program

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One to One Personal Training

Casual Sessions


60 minutes  



45 minutes  

60 minutes  

8 Week Transformation Program 

60 minutes

5 Sessions





10 Sessions



3 x sessions/week (26 sessions)

2 x sessions/week (18 sessions)

4 x sessions/week (34 sessions)  


20 Sessions






* 8 Week Transformation Program includes a full access gym membership to Anytime Fitness 


Full Body Exercise Program  

Option 1:


Ideally suited if your goals include building lean muscle, strength & fitness and/or reducing body fat. You would need to be able to exercise 3 sessions per week to get the desired results

Split Body Exercise Program  

Option 2: 


If your goals include building lean muscle and/or 'bulking up' this option may be better suited to help you reach your goals faster. Or if you have the desire to build strength and increase fitness with a more specific program. Essentially this is two programs you would alternate each day you're in the gym. You would need the availability to exercise 4-5 sessions per week to get the most benefit from this program

Body Measurement & Fitness Testing



Blood Pressure

Body fat measurements - using skinfold calipers

Body measurements - using tape measure

Strength Testing

Flexibility Testing

Anaerobic & Aerobic Fitness Testing



* You will be provided with an analysis of your results describing your current level of           health. From your results we can evaluate your health & fitness targets for body weight & body fat percentages. We can determine your strengths, weaknesses & give you suggestions on how to improve.

* This assessment is performed as part of the standard 'Initial Consultation' when purchasing any of the other One-to-One Personal Training options

* All results will be emailed to you after completion.


Small Group Training

All sessions are 45 minutes

2 people

3 people

4 people

5-6 people

$50.00 pp

$40.00 pp

$30.00 pp

$25.00 pp

* Discounts apply when more participants join the group training session

* Sessions are based on HIIT styled circuit routines. Including warm up & cool down

 * To use any of the subscription based programs you will need an active Anytime Fitness gym membership. Discounted rates offered to regular PT clients

* All prices are inclusive of GST