Are you self-motivated enough and wanting to follow your own training program by yourself? Then I can create you your very own specific program for you, just like I would for my one-to-one clients. 

An initial consultation is required on your very first session in order to discuss your fitness goals and get a full perspective of exactly what the best approach for you should be. We look into your injuries/limitations, health habits, diet and perform some baseline measurement & fitness tests to see your start point. Then with future program updates we can see positive strength & fitness changes.

Once we have performed your program(s) in the gym I will email you a PDF file with full explanations of what exactly to do. Your program will be truly specific to you. It is not a generic 'cookie-cutter' program that every member gets when they sign up to a gym.

Option 1:

Full Body Exercise Program  

Ideally suited if your goals include building lean muscle, strength & fitness and/or reducing body fat. You would need to be able to exercise 3 sessions per week to get the desired results

This program is based over 2 separate sessions. 

Day 1:

Initial consultation (60-75 minutes)

Day 2:

Your personalised exercise program performed in full on the gym floor. A comprehensive run-through of your program step by step (60 minutes)

Split Body Exercise Program  

Option 2: 

If your goals include building lean muscle and/or 'bulking up' this option may be better suited to help you reach your goals faster. Or if you have the desire to build strength and increase fitness with a more specific program. Essentially this is two programs you would alternate each day you're in the gym. You would need the availability to exercise 4-5 sessions per week to get the most benefit from this program

This package is based over 3 separate sessions. 

Day 1:

Initial consultation (60-75 minutes)

Days 2 & 3:

The first & second part of your personalised exercise program performed in full on the gym floor. A comprehensive run-through of your programs step by step (60 minutes each)

* More specific split body routines will require more time/sessions dependant on fitness goals. Additional fees apply 

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