Whatever your fitness goals all the programs I offer are progressive. It doesn't matter whether you start at the rock-bottom level of fitness capabilities or you begin further along the scale. With your own individualised training program I guarantee you'll benefit from dedicated one to one training.



In order to lose weight we must form an energy deficit, whereby more calories are expended than what is taken in through our daily diet. We will target fat loss with a three-fold approach of cardiovascular conditioning to burn calories, along with strength training to increase lean muscle mass (increasing the body's fat-burning potential). All this combined with a balanced diet forms the ingredients to healthly lose body fat and build lean muscle at the same time. 

To achieve gains in muscle mass we target the body in either full body resistance training sessions or with a split routine that focuses on certain muscle groups on certain days of the week. If you have limited training experience or have never lifted weights before then a more general introduction of a full body routine will be sufficient to start. If you are someone who is regularly active and conditioned to gym training then a specific approach would be better suited. To build muscle we must make sure we exercise hard at the correct intensity, all while following the key exercises that promote the most muscle growth. Having enough rest between workouts is the other big factor; rest and recovery cannot be overstated. There are some key weight lifting fundamentals we follow, however It's important to understand that exercising more often does not always yield greater results. 

To achieve a lean and 'toned' body we must have both a low level of body fat along with a good degree of lean muscle mass. A lot of people who want to become lean focus soley on the fitness side, spending countless hours on the Treadmill or Cross Trainer. You do get a good sweat-up by doing this, but unfortunately this won't build any lean muscle. These types work hard but are only working one side of the equation. To enhance your true fat-burning potential 'everybody' does need to follow a dedicated strength program. With my 'toning and shaping' programs I target the body to both reduce body fat levels with cardiovascular conditioning whilst also increasing lean muscle via circuit-based weights training. Another effective way to melt body fat and strenghten up at the same time is with boxing-based circuit training. To do this we combine boxing training with a variety of random full-body exercises designed to get the heart rate up and shape almost every muscle in the body at the same time. Through my experience I have found this to be a very effective method for body transformation.

Strength & Conditioning

Do you play sport or have an event fast aproaching that you need to be fit and in shape for? By first building up a level of overall conditioning we can then develop a specific training program for you to follow that applies this strength base to your specific event or sport. We will follow the best exercises that target the key muscle groups in the movement pattern that are responsible for an improved performance, all while keeping you injury free at the same time.

Improve Flexibility 

Flexibility determines how much range of motion a particular joint has and whether you are tight or restricted in certain movements that could result in pain, muscular imbalances and limitations in performance. We can understand your level of flexibility by performing functional movement tests that can determine which muscles are tight and need stretching. Whether you are someone who sits at a desk for long periods of the day, or are someone who runs 5 days a week then chances are without a specific stretching program you will have developed tightness in certain key muscle groups. We will aim to stretch the muscles that need stretching and to strengthen the muscles that are weak, all helping to improve motion and reduce injury.

Cardiovascular Conditioning

A good level of cardiovascular (aerobic and anaerobic) fitness is essential to form a foundation of general health. If you are someone who is out of breath after walking up only a few flights of stairs then increasing your level of general fitness will have a direct positive impact on your daily life. Along with physically feeling better the health benefits of performing regular aerobic exercise include reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer - all to name a few. With exercise your body will also release endorphins (natural painkillers) that promote a sense of wellbeing. The benefits of even a little regular fitness training can often be felt within the first 2 weeks. 

Marathon Training

Whether it be your first running event or you've run one before, the importance of having a running plan is essential to finishing the marathon within target time, or simply just finishing at all. Building up a running program to race day typically takes 3 to 4 months (12-16 weeks). By following a progressive buildup of running mileage the body gets stronger to withstand longer distances without over-stressing muscles and joints. Inside the gym we will follow some strength based conditioning and flexibility training, which is all important providing balance to over-used muscles from continous running. With my on-going support throughout your program we will make sure you turn up to the start line on race day in peak condition. 

Health Overhaul

It is never a bad time or it's never too late to start changing your level of health. Whether you know the time is right to have more of a health-focused attitude or you're worried that you may be in the 'at-risk' category the benefit of regular exercise can have a dramatic improvement on your health - both in the short and long term. Most medical problems can be improved with the introduction of regular exercise and following a healthy balanced diet. With a committed focus on physical exercise it is possible to reduce work stress, improve sleep and increase your daily energy levels. Investing time into your own body and overall health is never a bad idea.



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