Gagan lost 6kg body weight and 5.2% body fat in 8 weeks


"When I first came to Chris I had tried a lot of things, but with limited sucess. I thought I had done everything right but somehow my body wasn't responding. I detailed Chris about my experiences and what I wanted to achieve. I decided to train 3 times per week with Chris to make sure we achieved the maximum of out of the routine. He had made me a personalised training and eating plan of which I had to stick to. Apart from that Chris was very friendly and believed in increasing the overall fitness level rather than just to focus on the asthetics. I had been used to intense type of training before and had asked Chris to devise a similar routine for me. Believe me, I got exactly what I ordered and comprising the simple and awesome eating plan I was able to shed 6kg of body fat and gained some good muscle and body strength. For anyone looking to shed body fat, gain muscle or just to tone up as well then I would definitely recommend Chris.

Gagan R.

                                                                                                   Individual results may vary 

Stuart lost 13.5kg body weight, 10cm less around the waist and lost 6% body fat in 8 weeks


"I had been struggling to get committed to my fitness program for some time and my weight had got out of control. On top of this I had a wedding coming up at the end of the year and I wasn't happy with how I looked or was feeling. I had been exercising for a number of years, but have always struggled to keep the fitness routine going and my eating plan controlled. Chris and I discussed the 8 week Body Transformation Program, and at first I wasn't sure I'd last a week. However I decided it was now or never. So after making the decision I committed to 4 days per week PT sessions with Chris. This was a strategic move to ensure I didn't cop-out and risk not completing the program. It was very hard at first, however I was determined to do this. It was very challenging with personal and work commitments not to break or eat 'bad food' or drink alcohol. Overall I lost 13.5kgs during the 8 weeks, and have continued to lose more over the weeks that followed (currently a total of 15kg!) - Our target was 10kg. The program has changed my mind-set when it comes to food and alcohol consumption. it has made me feel more motivated in life in general and I now look forward to exercise. My biggest fear was that since I'd lost all this weight I'd gain it back again, so to have continued losing weight over the two months that followed I am very pleased. Thanks Chris for helping me to transform! I'd encourage anyone thinking of entering the program it is worth it by the results and how I feel today"


Stuart M.

                                                                                                   Individual results may vary 

Karen lost 7kg of fat mass, gained 3kg of lean muscle and improved her aerobic fitness by an extra 500m distance on her 12 minute run 


"Even though I was exercising a lot I wasn't seeing any results, I then lost motivation and gave up. As a result I slowly gained weight and decided I needed someone to get me back on track and teach me how to exercise effectively. That's when I met Chris and signed up to his program - and it's the best decision I have ever made. 

The first fitness test was disheartening as I didn't realise how unfit I was. However, Chris made me feel really motivated afterwards and I left eager to start the 8 Week Transformation Program. It was tough and the meal plan was hard to stick to all the time but Chris is very encouraging and his desire for you to achieve your goals keeps you pushing yourself. After a few weeks I started to notice changes to my body shape, strength and fitness (which also kept me working hard and motivated). I even started to enjoy the challenges and looked forward to exercising. 

My results amazed me as I didn't realise how much is possible to achieve in such a short space of time- none of which would have been possible without Chris' expertise and guidance. I now understand how to exercise effectively and am enjoying the healthy lifestyle it has started. 

I would highly recommend Chris to anyone struggling to see results from their training or wanting to improve their fitness/lifestyle.


Karen W.

                                                                                                   Individual results may vary 

Paul lost 13kg body weight, 15cm less around the waist and lost 7% body fat in 8 weeks


"I had spent years meandering aimlessly through the world of fitness & exercise,

pretty much giving up altogether in my late 20's. I realised something desperately needed to change and Chris was the perfect person to help me get back on track. When Chris was first discussing the Body Transformation program he reiterated a few times the level of commitment and work required and nothing can quite prepare you for the dramatic change. For someone that was chronically unmotivated, Chris was there every step of the way giving me focus and motivation - which has seen me continue to train with him long after the fact. He has a passion for fitness and nutrition that is contagious, and drives you to make you want to go harder and faster, not because he is telling you but because you want to.


His efficient and all emcompassing programs see you achieving more than you thought possible in a short amount of time, which provides even more motivation. For me the hardest part was the complete overhaul of my diet, but this change in diet was absolutely crucial to my overall success with the program. By the end, I lost 13kg (over and above my original goal of 10kg). I was absolutely stoked with the results, and this has impacted every aspect of my life in only positive ways. None of this would have been possible without Chris".


Paul H

                                                                                                   Individual results may vary 


Jesse started being only able to do 6 Push Ups but after only 7 weeks can now do 35 (full push ups on the feet). She also lost over 5kg body weight, 5% body fat and reduced her waist measurement by 9cm


Jesse did a shortened version of the 8 Week Transformation Program as we were running close to Xmas holidays.


 "I received the final results from the program and was surprised by my progress, not just the kilo loss but also the increase in the fitness level. The achievement in fitness level in 7 weeks is way more than doing group classes during my last 2 years (at another gym). The program itself is very hard and needs a high level of commitment and a good attitude to finish it. It is really important that Chris is very encouragable, looks at every movement I do and helps me through every time I wanted to give up. The 60 minutes sessions is tough (suffering) but afterwards I feel great for the rest of the day. 


My initial plan was just to do the program but now I have changed my view. My journey has just started and I do need the professional knowledge and experience to lead me to the next level. I cannot wait to restart again after the holiday. I definitely will recommend you to my friends".

Jesse P.

                                                                                                   Individual results may vary 

Jess lost 8.3kg body weight, 9cm less around the waist and lost 4.7% body fat in 8 weeks


"After having already tried two other Personal Trainers previously with no results, I met Chris. He was realistic with what I could achieve and so I signed up with the 8 Week Transformation. Seeing Chris three times a week I noticed big changes after the first couple of weeks in both fitness, strength and body shape. Chris' exercise program was challenging but his constant encouragement and desire to help you achieve your goals was what got me through - he did keep me motivated. It was a tough eight weeks and the temptation to drift from the plan was there at certain points of the program, but I always felt I was able to do it. The realistic plan Chris created helped me to lose an amazing 8.3kg and almost 5% body fat in the eight weeks. It was all worth it! I would highly recommend Chris and his program to anyone struggling to see results from their training or not being able to reach an exercise goal. You will not be disappointed".


Jess S.

                                                                                                   Individual results may vary 

Rachel lost 6.3% body fat, reduced her stomach skin-fold measurement by half and doubled her upper body strength in 8 weeks


"I was on the lookout for a way to lose the excess body fat I'd gained over the past few years following a very brief stint in body building. I tried various diets, cardio and weight training which previously worked really well, but after not seeing any results, I lacked the motivation to stick to it. After meeting Chris and starting my 8 Week Transformation I saw my body and mindset improving within the first few weeks. Chris was the exact PT I needed, he is very encouraging, understanding of us non-fit folk, but at the same time works you (very) hard! Even the nutrition plan he provided was so good and easy to make that my partner and I still follow it now as it saves us time and money. Chris also has worked with me to support the issues with my knee injury, and what I value the most is that he makes sure I understand the reason behind each exercise. Because of this, I now have a new respect for the way the body works. So instead of seeing exercise as just a way to lose weight as I previously did, I see it as a way to reach personal bests, and as a result I have not only lost body fat but I have achieved a healthier lifestyle (both physically and mentally). I very much recommend Chris to anyone looking for motivation to improve their fitness, be healthier or needing a change from their current exercise routine".


Rachel V.

                                                                                                   Individual results may vary 

"I didn't think it was possible to lose weight without going on a crash diet until I got in touch with Chris. I was weighing 115kg back then, and after the initial assessment Chris assured me that he would do his best to help me achieve my goals of weight loss through proper exercise and following a good diet. Today I weigh 84kg and it's all thanks to Chris that I was able to achieve this. I have lost 31kg with no ridiculous diets or pills, just with the right workout plan and timely meals suggested by Chris. I religiously followed his advice from day one and I am very happy with the result so far. Not only have I lost weight but my fitness has seriously shot up as well. I remember on my first day I could only run for 30 seconds before giving up, now I am training to compete in the Auckland Half Marathon. I can now run non-stop for 98 minutes...I find this hard to believe myself but yes it is true and Chris made this possible. Determination is necessary, but with the right guidance and motivation from someone experienced just helps in pushing oneself to the next level"

Sarvesh P.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Individual results may vary 

"I have been training with Chris Scott for the past 14 months. When I first started I was seriously unfit, overweight and feeling ashamed with myself for getting myself so out of shape in the first place. I didn't look good and I had just been diagnosed with diabetes. I had never been to a gym before or done any exercise for a long time. I met with Chris as one of the trainers at Fitness First and I could tell he was genuine from the start. My goal wasn't to look like a body builder, but to just get into a routine of exercise and to make a life-changing commitment. I listened to Chris' advice from the start, and we started with some basic exercises. The main positive I found was keeping my workouts varied and fun. We've progressed it to the point where I was able to complete the 10km Nike Run non-stop. Having now lost 15kg of body weight my diabetes is well under control, and I feel like a completely different person. Thank you again Chris for your patience and dedication. Exercise is now a big part of my life, I will keep it up. 

Phillip W.




Individual results may vary

"Having been a cronic start-and-stop exerciser with nothing really to show for it, this time I was determined to not let this happen again. I started training with Chris to lose weight and reveal some sort of shape to my stomach area. I stopped eating chips, altered my diet and trained 4-5 days a week on average - IT HURT! In about 6 weeks I dropped two dress sizes from a 14 to a size 10, and am now comfortable showing my arms in public. The results speak for themselves, and am feeling great! Thankyou so much Chris :)

Jenni S.


Individual results may vary

"Great is one word to explain how I feel now. I started training with Chris Scott 5 months ago, I was 84kg now I am 69kg and I have seen exceptional results. Coming so far was not easy, it requires a lot of hard work, diet control, dedication and focus. Exercise just doesn't keep your body fit but also increases your mind and energy levels. Your confidence level is up when you are standing in front of someone and you don't have to suck your belly in to look thinner. For me coming to the gym is the best part of my day"

Yash K.


Individual results may vary

"Thankyou Chris for training Jill and I. We desperately needed to spice-up our exercise routine and your motivation and perserverence has paid off. Not only are we ten times fitter but we've had to go out and buy new clothes which is super exciting as you know we love shopping! Our old approach to training was 30 minutes on the Cross Trainer machine, but you've taught us the importance of weight training and how it can really make a big difference. We always thought it would make us buff.. oh how we were wrong. I've lost 15cm around my waist and Jill's lost 10cm. I lost an amazing 2 stone (12kg) of body fat! We both would recommend Chris to anyone wanting to exercise properly. We are now suckers for punishment.. bring on burpees anyday (Ha!)

Jill & Katie D

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Individual results may vary