Zoom Online Group Training

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HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

45 minutes 

Times subject to availability

Offering corporate Zoom Group Fitness Training live and in-person. Book your team in for a regular commitment of physical exercise to build fitness levels, inspire, motivate and to improve workplace culture.

The aim of the sessions is to reduce body fat and to improve strength & fitness. All different levels of fitness can be catered for, so whether you've got a young active group or an older more sedentary office I can tailor the sessions to suit. As you are in the comfort of your own home participants can choose to work at their own pace - if it's too difficult just rest and take it slow, otherwise aim to keep-up with the workout.

Sessions are all bodyweight resistance so no equipment required, however each participant will need a mat and some floor space to take part.


Sessions are approximately 45 minutes and can be booked as often as required (subject to availability). A Zoom appointment is created (just like a normal online meeting) and I send out an invite to the organiser and all your team. When the time comes, just logon to the meeting a few minutes prior to the start time and you're good to go - simple.


Pricing dependant on number of participants. For more information use the enquiry form below or give me an email or a call to discuss. 

Warm Up

If you're just about to begin your Zoom group training session then I'd suggest to make sure you've warmed up before we begin. If you haven't already, I'd recommend to follow through the quick warm up video below